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We are specialists in arranging “Walk-In Drives” for generic skills candidates within the shortest time. We understand that successful partnering relationships require a great deal of flexibility. We guarantee you a rapid response time and immediate feedback to your request.

We’re not the type of staffing firm that swoops in, forwards tons of resumes, and then leaves you to sift through piles of unqualified candidates. Being exposed to a vast array of technologies and having worked with clients from diverse domain specializations, keeping pace with the India’s emerging technology leadership has become one of our core competencies.

At Norx Cloud, we always strive for a long-term relationship – whether with a client or with a candidate. We consider ourselves an extension of your HR,  which makes us an equal partner in the success of your business.

Freedom to share and sync on documents and applications in real time. In addition, with on-demand cloud resources, your business is free to try out new ideas without worrying about having to invest heavily in supporting systems –innovative thinking to grow at super speed.

Our solutions easily fit your budget. Our charges would seem downright economical.  Let our consultant conduct a Financial Impact Analysis for you and we’ll show you just how cost-effective we can be.

We maintain high standards of ethical conduct and integrity in the operation of our business and in our dealings with employees, customers and competitors.

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We are interested in a long term partnership. When you hire norx, you get a reliable partner for all your manpower needs.