Google Workspace

A professional set of business tools.

With Google Workspace (formally known as G Suite), businesses have access to a cloud-based IT system that includes email,
calendaring, file storage, as well as the ability to integrate with numerous other business apps , such as CRM, administrative, and productivity tools.

Revenue Growth

"Business as usual" often means "revenue as usual." It takes bold changes in business processes to drive real growth.

1.5% increase in revenue driven by Google Workspace*

Employee Efficiency

Google Workspace empowers your employees to work how, when, and where they're most productive.

171 hours saved per user per year*

Risk Mitigation

Google Workspace is built on a foundation of security-protecting your users, data and devices from threats.

99.9% of spam, malware and phishing emails filtered*

IT Cost Savings

Google Workspace helps you improve security without having to maintain costly servers, so you can focus on building your business.

20% reduction of on-deman tech support*

What's included


Secure and reliable email with powerful spam filtering


File storage allowing real-time collaboration


Integrated calendar with sharing between users

Meet & Chat

Integrated video calling and instant messaging


Easily create beautiful slide decks.


A reliable and extremely powerful spreadsheet app.


Collaborative and intuitive document editor.


Questionnaires and surveys made easy.


Allows teams to manage an inbox together and email lists


Build and share basic websites internally or on the web


Note-taking app allowing you to organise your workload


Keeps a record of emails, chat messages and files

Using Google Drive

Going Google

Going Google results in huge improvements in workplace collaboration, efficiency, flexibility, and mobility. These factors often allow organizations to spend time saving on improving service levels for clients.

Google Workspace (G Suite) has proven to be hugely cost effective, and businesses we partner with often laud its cost transparency. Whether a
new staff member need onboarded, or user accounts need to be made
available rapidly, Workspace’s pricing plans are simple and flexible
to understand.

Security and reliability of Google’s on-premise solutions are second-to none since they promise 99.9% uptime on your IT systems: a service
that is not offered by any other on-premise provider.

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